The WABGT was going to be played over a constantly rotating time periods. This has been changed this year to allow players to down load all the lists for this year.

2017 will be classical.

As always if you have an army you'd like to see/use on the gaming table please email your list for approval and publication and it might become an official GT army.

I shall be updating the GT Rules shortly, no major changes so don't worry. But one note on your list selection: Assyrian Armies can cause fear but only in the Early period, in the later period of the Assyrian list any troops who should causefear have their cost reduced by 2 points each and no longer cause fear.


2016 Biblical Wars any army the Chariot Wars list on the downloads page

List #ArmyfromtoNotes
1Sumerian & Akkadian2500BCto1800BC Old and Late options
2Old Kingdom Egyptian 2500BCto1600BC 
3Elam 2500BCto700BC 
4Lybian 2500BCto500BC 
5Nubian 2500BCto1900BC 
6Harappan Indian 2500BCto1500BC 
7Arab Nomad 2300BCto700BC 
8Early Babylonian 2000BCto1300BC 
9Shang Chinese 1700BCto1000BC 
10Early Eastern Tribes 1700BCto500BC 
11Hittite 1600BCto800BC 
12New Kingdom Egyptian 1600BCto800BC 
13Minoan & Early Mycenean 1600BCto950BC 
14Aryan Indian 1500BCto500BC 
15Hyksos 1400BCto1200BC 
16Israelite 1200BCto600BC 
17Syrian and Caananite 1100BCto700BC 
18Trojan War 950BCto800BC 
19Assyrian 900BCto600BC Early and Late options
20Sea Peoples 875BCto855BC 
21Cimmerian and Scythian 800BCto500BC 
22Later Babylonian 750BCto500BC 
23Kushite Egyptian 750BCto600BC