Bolt Action Tournament

 for 2nd and 3rd March 2013 is now cancelled, but I'm leaving the information so you can see what was planned.

Playing alongside the WABGT held at “Eye of the Storm” this is now called “Maunsfeld Gaming”

Matlock Mill 
Hamilton Way 
NG18 5BU

The Tournament will consist of three 1000pt games played on Saturday. There will be a further two games on Sunday which will be doubles* games and is a separate event from the tournament. Sunday is more of an opportunity for friendly gaming than anything else and an opportunity for players to stay and game for the whole weekend alongside the WABGT event gamers.

* The doubles event games are 2000pts and can be played by a team of two players or a single player. The forces used on each side must either be allied or axis, for example: Players may have two 1000pt armies one Soviet playing alongside American would be fine but British and German would not. A single player can use two 1000pt armies, or 2000pts from one list.

The Scenarios for each Game will be taken from the rule book and will be announced before each game.

1000pt Force Selection

Players must use the force selection rules on page 121-124 of the rule book (note additional rules/clarifications in this document) and the appropriate army list or rules in the supplements. Players may only select troops from one army list nationality, so you cannot combine American forces and British forces just because they were allies, if the list states you can have a specific troop type from another nationality then this is permitted. E.g. Russians may use Sherman tanks.

To help Organising the tournament, if you can supply two armies then please do so; one Axis and one Allied (simply a German one and one other). This is to assist me sorting out an equal number of Axis and Allied players per side (if I have to it might be Germans and Russians V’s the British and Americans lets hope I get enough German players).

Any Published list by warlord games can be used for the competition.

Any Published list by Warlord Games can be used for the competition but no specific Theatre selections may be taken.

Any errata supplied by Warlord Games will be used.

To stop some players going over the top with support units the following addition rules apply:

  1. No Force may have more than one Forward Observer with the exception of the British, who may only purchase an Air observer (they already get a free Artillery Observer).

  2. Each Platoon must have a Lieutenant in command 2nd or 1st class.

  3. Any Force can have only one armoured vehicle of damage value 9+ or greater per player.

  4. Platoons may only have one non-transport  support  choice per infantry squad, in the Platoon.

  5. Forces can have a Transport vehicle or tow (armoured or not) for each; Officer, Artillery or Infantry squad or team in the force.

i.e. A German force might have a Lieutenant and two squads of five men transported in one SDKFZ 250/1 and two SDKFZ 251/1, reinforced with one machine gun team in SDKFZ 251/1 transport, one STUGG 3 Tank Destroyer, and one SDKFZ 222 Armoured Car. To have any more troops I would have to either have another other squad to this platoon first before I reinforce it or start another Platoon, as I want to use another tank then I’ll have to star another Platoon as my STUGG 3 already counts as my tank allocation of 0–1 Tank, Tank Destroyers, Anti-Aircraft vehicle or Self-Propelled Artillery.

Note: This is just an example of the force choices I can make and might not be permissible as I have not worked out the requisition points.

See Downloads for more information.