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WABGT 2017 !!??
At the moment there is not going to be a WABGT in 2017.
The venue I was using and calendar dates are going to be used by Gripping beast.

I can look for another venue and Calendar slot, and sort this all out for the players to continue to be able to play WAB here in the UK.
But the I have to ask myself is it worth the effort?
Do players want a WABGT in 2017 and years to come?
WAB is a rule set I like playing but it is only by the players supporting it that it can continue.
How many would want to see a living rule book? ( see other topics)

If WAB is routing off the table pursued by other rule sets do I just say it's Army Break Point then shake hands and pack up; or do I roll the dice to rally so the GT can Continue??

I'll leave it to you lot, if I get enough replies from player wishing to continue then I'll get the ball rolling for a WABGT in 2017 not enough replies to this post and I'll let the GT fade and die.


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